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Late in the third period with the Coyotes hanging on to a 4-3 lead against New Jersey, their defenseman Anthony DeAngelo won a staring match with the Devils defense.

This was no after-the-whistle display of machismo, however. Rather DeAngelo commanded possession of the puck in the high slot, watched over by all five New Jersey defenders and goaltender Keith Kincaid.

As DeAngelo examined his options, the six Devils were essentially aligned in two even columns. Three, including Kincaid, directly in front of him and the other half of the defense parallel, even with the inside tangent of the left circle.

Clearly no shooting lane.

But with no Devils in any position to threaten DeAngelo as he held the puck, he, well, held the puck.

Actually he shuffled with it this way and that, all the while looking for the smallest sliver of daylight to the back of the net.

DeAngelo’s Coyote teammates, sensing the standoff, began to get into shooting positions themselves. With this, the New Jersey defense adjusted and then the sun broke through the clouds if only for a second. And that is when DeAngelo, after three separate sets of stickhandling from forehand to backhand, unleashed his rainmaker.

There were still bodies in front, but one of them was teammate Peter Holland. His screen prevented Kincaid from having anything other than an educated guess as to where the puck was heading.

He guessed wrong and the wrister by New Jersey native DeAngelo found its way home.

3/11/2017 vs. New Jersey.
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Though Jamie McGinn’s 100th career goal likely wasn’t flashy enough to stick in the memory of Coyotes fans, the third period comeback that it sparked contributed to the best hockey Arizona has played all year.

McGinn brought Arizona back to a 2-2 tie with the Sabres after entering the third period behind, 2-0. His milestone goal was an opportunistic one, as he pounced on a puck to the left side of the Buffalo goal with the focus of the players on the ice elsewhere, following a flurry in front. McGinn got the Coyotes even with a simple flip into a largely unoccupied Sabres net.

McGinn’s middle goal in the comeback was followed six minutes later by Radim Vrbata’s slap shot from the left point that brought down the Sabres with 19 seconds remaining in regulation. Although far out of the playoff hunt, Arizona hasn’t packed it in, going 5-4-1 in its last 10 games.

2/26/2017 vs. Buffalo.
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Goals have been hard to come by this year for the Coyotes. Were in not for the anemic Avalanche, Arizona would be last in the league in scoring. Reflecting this dearth of talent is the fact that seven separate players have already made their NHL debuts this season with the Coyotes — a lot for an established team in any season, but unheard of before the All-Star game has even been played.

But let us not rain on Christian Fischer’s parade. For he happened to reward his employer’s faith by scoring in his first NHL game, after showing a knack for the net with the Coyotes’ AHL affiliate, where he’d scored 16 goals in 31 games prior to his call up.

His first NHL goal resulted from a hard charge to the net as Arizona came in across the Tampa Bay blue line with four skaters, none of whom pulled up. A pass from the left wing boards was quickly directed by Jamie McGinn, who was cruising down the high slot, to Fischer who had broken coverage and was alone bearing down on the right side of the net. The pass was on his tape, and Fischer stuck it in the top of the net like he’d done it before, and acted like he’d done it before in the aftermath.

His family, however, was under no such protocol and the camera stays with them a good long while as they fully relish the emotion of the moment.

1/21/2017 vs. Tampa Bay.
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Coyotes fans haven’t witnessed a whole lot of excellence on ice this year, but they were provided a treat by teenage left wing Lawson Crouse. In a scoreless game against Vancouver midway through the second period, Crouse took possession of the puck after gathering a rebound at the left post. He took the puck behind the net and then took one giant stride behind the center of cage before extending his body as fully as he could toward the opposite post with the puck on his stick.

And he needed every single inch of that well-calibrated lunge. With his body flat on the ice behind the goal line and perpendicular to the end boards, Crouse managed to see that he’d curled the puck just inside the post much to the surprise of Canucks goalie Ryan Miller, who never got close to thwarting the Coyote forward’s spectacular effort.

1/26/2017 vs. Vancouver.
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