Friday at the Fights

A more civilized version of “Mayhem Monday.”


2017-05-05T16:18:29+00:00 May 5th, 2017|Friday at the Fights|

Here was a pretty organic fight between two players that between them piled up 12 seasons with at least 100 penalty minutes.

Buffalo goaltender Andrei Trefilov yielded a big rebound that made its way to the bottom of the left circle — and then, so too did Trefilov!

Dixon Ward of the Sabres had dived on the puck, but, fearing a delay of game penalty, Trefilov sprung out of his net to cover the puck legally.

Randy McKay of New Jersey wasn’t too happy to see an opposing goalie charging into his real estate to freeze the puck and started poking and prodding for the puck under the two Sabre players.

Grant Jennings, like McKay a noted tough guy, came in to inform McKay that he should mind his own business, and his manners, as well.

McKay must have felt that Jennings delivered his message with something other than a polite tone. As a consequence, he started strangling him with both his arms. This resulted in Jennings falling to the ice. And when an enforcer is forced down to the ice, generally speaking he pops back up in a surly mood.

This was the case and Jennings plowed through two players and two officials to try to impress his dissatisfaction at McKay’s conduct. McKay, however, had taken umbrage at Jennings’ initial aggressive behavior and had lost all sense of equanimity by this time.

The two scaredy-cat officials stood by idly as noogies gave way to roundhouse rights. After an exchange of about a half dozen haymakers from both players, Jennings went down and McKay skated off, no doubt satisfied that he’d made his point.

The bout might have been Jennings’ farewell altercation in the league. It took place on December 16, 1995, Jennings final season in the league, during which he played in only six games.